Privacy Policy

At Vfit Cornwall we are passionate that you have full control over your privacy and we want you to know how we manage, store and maintain the data we have about you on file.

PAR-Q Form

When you start at Vit you will have filled in a health/pre exercise questionnaire, it is then that we will take the majority of your data. On this form we ask for your name, DOB, Town of residence, phone number and email address.  At the bottom of this form it also says that we will from time to time take pictures of classes, Bootcamps and other activities and we may use these pictures for marketing purposes to show other interested people what happens at our sessions. If you don’t want us to EVER you use or take pictures of you you will have ticked a box at the bottom of your form. If you change you mind at any point and no longer want to be used in marketing please inform the centre manager on amd we will remove you immediately and delete all pictures of you.

Where is my paperwork stored?

All paperwork with sensitive data on it is stored in a lockable filling cabinet at Vfit in the locked office and is only accessible to the owner. We need to keep your Par-Q form for health and safety reasons should we need to provide them in case of an incident.

Picture and data storage

All data we take is stored on one laptop and backed up on an external hard drive, ONLY the owner is able to access this data and the laptop is password protected as is the excel document. We also upload your data to Mail chimp which is the company we use to send you news letters. Mail chimp is the safest and most responsible external marketing company and they take your privacy very seriously.


If you receive a marketing newsletter or fifer from us it will always come from Mail Chimp and if you NO LONGER want to receive these emails there is a massive unsubscribe button at the bottom of each email, once you hit unsubscribe Mailchimp notifies me personally and deletes all your data from their site so I can no longer email you. If you wish to be emailed again by Vfit you will need to add yourself to Mailchimp as we cannot email you ever email you again without your consent.

Online Booking Site

When you choose to sign up to Vfit’s online booking site you will be giving us all your personal details; Name, Phone number, Email address, age and a picture if you choose to upload one.  If you’d like to remove your details from the site at anytime you just need to email and we will delete your entire account. There will never be and of your financial details kept on our site. If you feel that someone may know your password please re-set and change your password. Try not to use a password that you’ve used before. Our site is being updated so that it complies with new SSL certification so you have peace of mind.

Your data and sharing

Vfit will NEVER share your information with any other companies or individuals, this means if your friend asks for your phone number we will not be able to give it to them. Similarly please don’t share your online booking account details with someone else.

Vfit Membership

When you sign up to a Vfit Standing Order membership – we give YOU our bank details – you then go to your bank and set up a payment to us, this enable you to have full control so if at any point you want to cancel your membership you can.  We receive one paper bank statement per month with a list of credits and debits on there it will show just the payment reference and the amount.