Strength and Speed

Strength and Speed - Tone, Tone and Tone with the NEW addition to the Vfit Fitness Class schedule - sculpt and shred while turning those baggy bits in to muscle. We all suffer with wobbly bits while losing weight - well fear not strength and speed has the answer!

Strength and Speed is a concise combination of strength training, SAQ, Plyometric training and HIIT making this our most intelligent class to date.

Tried and tested on a whole host of different people, this training not only promises to give you everything you need in just 30 minutes. It’s captivating, exciting and challenges you each and every class.

Combining the most important components of fitness in one highly effective 45min session means you won’t need to attend back to back classes or train 2/3 times a day if you don’t want to.

An absolute monster fat burner class with the added benefit of ensuring you don’t lose weight and get left with the dreaded ‘baggy skin scenario’. If you’re already fit, our box jumps, cleans and burpee tucks promise to send your fitness to the next level.

Who is this class suitable for?

New or seasoned in the world of exercise – come along and let us take care of the rest.

Age limit

is 16 for this class and if you have any injuries or other health concerns please call us first to chat it through. We look forward to seeing you super lean with lightening speed

Booking Info

Minimum age is 16 for this class, pre booking is essential and available 2 week sin advance. If you need to cancel your space you need to give us 4 hours notice and cancel your place online because this class ALWAYS FILLS.

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  • Prices

    Vfit Membership - Unlimited Classes (S/O) (3 months min)£35pm
    Vfit Membership - Unlimited Classes (Cash)£40pm
    Vfit Membership - Morning Membership (S/O) (3 month min)£25pm
    Fitness Class£5
    All Yoga Classes£8
    Hot Yoga£10

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Vicky is a very accomplished massage therapist. Being an athlete herself, she has a great understanding of the toll that training and everyday life can have on the body. The approach Vicky takes is not merely mechanical, but holistic, making treatment educational which is important for long-term health. Vicky is professional yet friendly, making me feel relaxed and comfortable before, during and after treatment. I would highly recommend her to athletes and non-athletes alike.
Helen Ivey - Vfit Member